About RiverDance

Early mist on a bed of silver,
You will find us on the banks of the mighty Okavango River
Across, Angola to the east Caprivi To the west………
Golden sunsets, where earth and sky would meet
Where the sounds and sights of nature touch the senses and break down all human fences

“We were travelling towards Divundu and saw many little houses safely tucked between the trees, friendly people waiving …and then when we experienced a rainstorm that evening – it was magical. The next morning we saw the mist on the Okavango River and we KNEW this is where we wanted to be!”

Singing children Sundowners
Singing children entertaining guests Sundowners on the river beach

Captivated by the river and the people whose lives depending upon, Tino & Karin Punzul spent the next four years turning their dream of a lodge on the Okavango into a reality.
Working with local craftsman, Tino built the lodge from the ground up. The traditional owners of the land and the community have shared in the process and will share in the future of the lodge’s proceeds
As co-owners and your hosts at River Dance, Tino & Karin share their passion for the magic of the river, their knowledge of the bush, and the spirit of generosity, an essential part of life in Namibia, with their guests.
The kind people of the Mamono/Biro villages, honourable Chief Mbambo, Headman Maketo and Mr Ndjandji allowed us to share with them their ancestral land; we are living our dream!

Their passion for River Dance is contagious! And their years of hard work and waiting mean that you don’t have to. River Dance is yours to experience today!