Arrival day

Our chef Maria (2).jpg

Have Lunch and Relax

After arrival it is time for having a light lunch under the big trees. A break would be nice, just relax at your private deck of the bungalow or on a sun chair at he pool.


Explore the Okavango River

Later in the afternoon get ready to explore the Okavango river with a river cruise. Shoot some nice pictures of hippos, crocodiles or all sorts of birds, if you can spot them.  And enjoy a sun-downer drink coming back.


Dinner with a Surprise

Just back after the sun-set, look forward to the delicious 3-course dinner. What a surprise: Suddenly the river dancers are showing up, amazing to see the group dancing to the rhythms of the drums.


Sleep well

Good night – enjoy the silence of the river, probably just interrupted by some hippos plashing around.


Day 2

Breakfast on the terrace.jpg

Breakfast on the main terrace

Starting the day slowly at the rich breakfast buffet with the unique river view in the morning mood.



A Visit to the village

As the temperature is still pleasant you decided to go for a walk to visit the friendly Hambukushu people of the Mamono village and get a better understanding of their way of living. 

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Drive to Mahango park

After a refreshment break you are driving to the Mahango park which is just 40 km from our lodge.


Meet Much more animals than tourists

The wilderness ambiance is excellent, especially along the river and at the waterhole, there is a big chance to spot a high number of wildlife.


Share your adventures

Back in the lodge, relax in the lounge and share your adventures over a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Later on you will enjoy a fabulous dinner together with all the other guests at the tables on the terrace.


Day 3


Good morning africa!

Getting up after another good sleep with the sunrise over the river and the birds singing is easy.


Yoga To realLy wake up

Today there is an early morning yoga class. Great thing to get the system up and the spirit too. Now your are ready for the next adventure.


A visit to Buffalo park

Discover the buffalo park just 40 km away. A little visited off-the-beaten-track park with amazing game viewing possibilities: Elephants, buffalos, roan antelopes, sable antelopes, kudus, impalas, crocodiles and hippos. Find a nice place in the shadow to enjoy the delicious food from the lunch boxes, Maria prepared for you.


Bath and massage

Back from the park, a little tired but with unforgettable impressions, take a bath followed by a healthy massage.


Romantic candle Light Dinner

To make the last evening even more special have a romantic candle light dinner just for two. 


Departure day


Good Bye

You came as a guest and leave as a friend.